The CEO of the Group, Satbir Hanspaul is an active Rotarian. The Group supports many projects in the country through Rotary Club of Arusha as well as other Non – Profit making organizations, Charities and fund raising.

We are committed to social responsibility in the best interest of environment and society. As part of our corporate social responsibility we have been giving back to our community in no small measure. Following are some examples:

  • Built and donated a 3 meter x 20 meter span steel and concrete community bridge for the local Engutoto Village in Themi area – Arusha in 2016. The Regional Commissioner of ArushaHonourable Mrisho M. Gambo inaugurated the bridge.
  • Built and renovated classrooms for local school in Themi, Arusha
  • Introducing occupational health and safety measures
  • Adopted environmentally friendly practices
  • Enforced code of ethics in all company operations
  • Sponsor local sports teams: Arusha United Hockey Club, various football teams in Themi and other places
  • Sponsor automobile sports in Tanzania through AAT
  • Donated 10 motorbikes towards community development (Boda Boda Project) through the Regional Commissioner’s office Arusha.
  • We have given importance to education as children of today become citizens of tomorrow. We play our role in helping produce citizens with intellectual and moral integrity.Educated citizen with moral integrity is an asset and what our nation needs. At Hanspaul, since 2012we have been sponsoring four children every year sending them to School/ University. We also take full responsibility towards education costs of a child of our employee if it is exceptionally brilliant academically. This includes tuition fees and boarding.