Hanspaul Industries Limited

Hil Facilities

Hanspaul Industries Limited owns a factory in Arusha, which initiates all strategic decisions and improvements of our products. We believe in retaining as well as attracting a talented pool of staff to delivery continuously improved and innovated products.

Machinery at the facility include:

Corrugator Machine

  • Produces cardboard sizes ranging from 850mm – 1600mm, in both 3 ply and 5 ply with C, B and E flutings
  • Able to run double wall flutes like BB, BC and BE
  • Cutoff range from 750mm – 1900mm, which means we make produce box sizes ranging from 150mm x 100mm x 100mm up to 1100mm x 790mm x 800mm

Three Printers

  • 4 color Flexo Printer
  • 4 color Flexo Printer and Slaughter
  • 6 color Printer

Die – cutting

  • 3 flat bed die-cut machines

Finishing & Specialty

  • Glue and staple finish