Hanspaul Industries Limited

About us

Hanspaul Industries Limited was registered in 1996 as a limited company in Arusha – Tanzania. It is a registered manufacturer of Corrugated Carton Boxes, Paper Bags, SFK Rolls, Wrappers, Duplex boxes and offset printing.

Hanspaul Industries started small in the corrugated packaging industry with limited manufacturing capabilities. However, we can proudly say we have grown to be the market leaders the Northern Region of Tanzania in providing high quality packaging solutions to all our customers.

Our current core business is manufacturing of 3ply and 5ply corrugated boxes. However, we have recently diversified into manufacturing of Duplex boxes, Paper Bags and all types of offset printing including labeling, brochures, books and flyers.

We continue to serve the following industries:

  • Agricultural Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Breweries Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Horticulture Industries
  • Aquaculture Industries
  • Tourism Industries
  • Oil Industries
  • Eatable Oil Industries
  • Super Markets

At Hanspaul Industries Limited we have a team of technically qualified and experienced personnel to look after production and management. We have a quality control division where products are checked and tested during production and before dispatch. These tests include busting strength, box compression strength (BCT), Edge Crust Test (ECT) & GSM. Hanspaul Industries Ltd is a TBS registered company following all the required quality standards by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards for Corrugated carton manufacturing. We have a capacity to convert 600 tons of paper per month on 8-hour shift.

We emphasis on understanding the requirements of customers and focus on the expansion of innovative high quality, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions. Our vision is to become a one-stop packaging solution provider to our customers through continuous improvement. At Hanspaul, quality is not an option, but in the package!