Hanspaul Automechs Limited

About us

Hanspaul Automechs Limited was registered in 2007 as a limited company in Arusha – Tanzania, established by Mr Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul and Mr Satbir Singh Hanspaul. The company is registered as a specialist in Safari Vehicle Conversions and manufacturers of 4x4 Accessories.

Industries served by Hanspaul Automechs Limited include:

  • Tourism Industry
  • Special Purpose Industry
  • Automobile Industries
  • Supply of New / Used Vehicles

The company’s main business activities include conversion of Base Model vehicles into safari cars for the local market and export to the rest of Africa and Europe. HAL also sells ready converted brand new vehicles – available under the manufacturing under bond facilities for customers who benefit from the Tanzania Investment Centre – Tourism division and to other countries.

The HAL comprises of an entirely qualified team handling the administration and production to provide quality & durable products. Our team has the proficiency to identify customer requirements and wants to fully please them. Be it an after for before sales service, we give it our optimum level because at Hanspaul, we do not compromise on customer satisfaction.

At HAL we have a full-fledged production factory in which we are using state of the art technology to manufacture lightweight Safari vehicles and 4x4 accessories to withstand all kinds rough roads. Through Research and Development we have altered our vehicle designs to be higher in elevation for an improved vision and an increased legroom for a more comfortable safari for on board passengers. All 4x4 Accessories are manufactured with an automatic pipe-bending machine and are coated with a rough texture designed by Hanspaul Automechs Limited to increase durability. We are also using a Poly Urethane Lining system (Tuff-Guard), which gives durability against corrosion and prevents noise disturbance for the passengers on board the vehicle, while on move. The vehicle propeller shafts are fitted with heavy-duty grease-able center bearings in order to proliferate durability. Additionally, we use imported computer-mixed paints to finish our products, delivering high class quality finishing sprayed in our automatic paint booth. Hanspaul Safari Vehicles are designed and manufactured with high standard materials and technology making them lighter in weight yet robust reducing wear and tear of the tyres &the body as well as giving them better fuel consumption.

We facilitate ourselves with CNC machines and all other metal / auto workshop modern equipment’s and machineries to produce durable, quality and sophisticated products.